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Auro Monsters: Squid Demon
This is the true force behind the possessed "Curse Kids" of Auro's universe. When you dunk a Curse Kid into the water, it spawns one of these satanic cephalopods.
I wrote a blog post about my struggles with branding for my indie development company's game. Come check it out. Lots of fun charts!…
Auro Quest Expansion Kickstarter Banner by PickleStork
Auro Quest Expansion Kickstarter Banner
I've been working for the last month and a half on a major rebrand for my company's game, "Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure." That means a brand new logo, refined palette, and tightening the bolts for lore/character design.

Why, might you ask, have I done this? Well, we've just launched a Kickstarter Campaign for a big expansion for the game!

For those of you who may have played, Auro is a single player tactics game about bumping monsters into the water for points. Matches are short, randomly generated and tightly balanced.

The Ques expansion aims to introduce a game mode, "quest mode," that takes the solid core gameplay and applies it to a larger, more non-linear RPG campaign. If you like this drawing, and want to support very ambitious and masochistic indies(I'm on almost 48 hours no sleep), come on by. We're extremely grateful for any and all support. Even a share goes a really long way.

Thanks so much, and please enjoy.

Here's a link the Kickstarter page.…
Auro:PC Version Title Screen by PickleStork
Auro:PC Version Title Screen
My company is porting our mobile tactics game, Auro, to PC. The game will be converted to landscape, so I had to make a pixel art landscape illustration.

This took....way. Way too long. But I hope you find the end result to be worth it.

Adobe Photoshop

approx. 45 colors.
A Mobile game that is supported like a PC game(preview stream by the devs 9 PM EST 3/5/2015)

Hello, everyone. For those who don't know who I am based on my DA gallery alone, I'm the lead artist of Dinofarm Games. A month ago, we finally released our tactics game for iOS entitled Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure. It's a brand new type of tactics game with tons and tons of emergent depth. It was given 5 stars on TouchArcade, 5 stars right here on PocketTactics, and 9/10 on Pocketgamer. I bring that up to ensure you that I'd never hawk some sweatshop mobile game to you guys =].

Auro took 4 years to develop! The point of this post is that, even after launch, we haven't even started when it comes to refining, patching, and improving our game.

Version 1.29, which is coming out very soon, has a massive, massive overhaul to make this already carefully-crafted game even better.

What I'd like to put into everyone's heads is this: Auro is not a "mobile game." It's a real deal, honest to goodness video game that happens to be on a mobile device. Anyone who likes Starcraft, League of Legends, Fire Emblem, or even Chess or Go will get years of use out of Auro.

Anyway, thank you for your time. Please check out the official Dinofarm stream. I'll be playing the beta and showcasing the new features all night. Cast starts at 9 PM EST. Link below.

Thanks so much, everybody.


Blake Reynolds
United States
'Alo. I am a freelance illustrator with a master's in music composition. I can accommodate most styles within the realm of cartooning and comic art, but my heart lies in game development art. Please consider me for your commissions! I'm a nice fellow!
Hey everyone! Head over to my channel on Twitch as I play our company's brand new tactics game 4 years in the making! It features all my art and animation so, if you want to see it in action, come on down!

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im pretty sure im going to be buying the game soon lol
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Yup. Only on android atm. But coming to ios soon!
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